Sunday, June 15, 2008

Dayanışma mesajı

"limter-iş" (union of shipyard/dock workers)

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
On behalf of the Transport Workers Solidarity Committee TWSC we give greetings and solidarity. Your battle to protect the lives and health and safety of your members is of importance to workers throughout the world. The world wide corporate drive for profits today knows no bounds. The death of 97 workers at your shipyard in the last 10 months is ample evidence that the owners of this company care not one iota about the lives of the workers who make them their profits. Longshore workers on the West Coast, maritime workers around the world are facing as well the brunt of this attack on health and safety. Ignoring health and safety laws and protections is costing the lives of tens of thousands of workers in the US and around the world.
We support your strike action to defend your members and will help publicize your important struggle. We are also supporting Laborfest here in San Francisco and will be screening the documentary film by Petra Holzer about your lives at the shipyard. We will work to get support resolutions from other maritime and transportation workers here and around the world. Please video tape interviews with striking workers about the issues you face and put that on youtube and we will help get it out internationally. You are not alone in your war for justice!

In Solidarity and Victory In Your Struggle,
Steve Zeltzer
Publicity Chair
Transport Workers Solidarity Committee

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